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30 minute consultation 


We take a quick tour of 360, and have a discussion on your goals and objectives

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We take the details from the initial consultation, and work with a co-pilot to build out your custom 360 overview.

Decide to move forward


It's pretty simple.  We schedule 2-4 sessions and then ongoing co-pilot meetings.    


We help you align your plan to your goals, and your team to your plan.    

70% of Plans or Initiatives Fail

(Beyond Performance, 2011)

Most business owners want to grow.  And while they have an idea of what they want to do; the fact is that 70% of all change programs fail.  That failure is driven by lack of alignment - i.e. people resistance, management not supporting change, and inadequate resources,


Whether the business is working on the wrong items at the wrong time, or is not aligned on the right ones, there is a tremendous amount of frustration and lost opportunity that comes from a failure to execute.

The reason for the failure is supported by a 2017 study from Harvard, which illustrated that the teams that are lower performing, they spend 84% more time fighting fires and dealing with issues on a tactical level.   That is in direct contrast with the teams that are higher performing, which spend 54% first setting direction, and then making a series of decisions to support it.  


To accomplish your goals, you need to make the best decisions on what do to and orchestrate a way to do it that is aligned throughout the entire organization.  

Harvard Business Review - “How the most successful teams bridge the strategy execution gap”  (2017)


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